Heaven Sense  

Welcome to Heaven Sense.....

Heaven Sense is a passion of friends - born out of a long term friendship.

Unfortunately, 2011 was not the best year with redundancy for Tammy and then tragedy for Jeannette when she lost her teenage daughter, Gabby, to suicide.

These life changing events forced the women to re-assess many aspects of their lives.

Out of the grief came the dream of a business they had talked about many times - but it was also a fantastic opportunity to keep Gabby's spirit alive - and Heaven Sense was born.

Jeannette became the "creator" spending many hours lost in a world of creativity; while Tammy was behind the scenes making everything tick.

Together they formed a dynamic team!

Sadly in July 2012, grief overcame Jeannette, and she joined Gabby and the rest of the angels.

Heaven Sense will continue as a tribute to two beautiful ladies. All products are handmade and packaged with love.


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